Italy is an expensive destination with regard to accommodations. And don’t look for bargains now because of Italy’s troubled economy. The hotels are operating at high occupancy levels as the dollar/euro exchange rate has grown more favorable to the dollar over the last few years – Americans and other travelers are visiting Italy in droves and the hoteliers are not offering significant deals. Rest assured, we will always pursue the best rates and amenities at every property.

HOTELS - What to Expect

Italy has its own star system, and the stars are based upon available services and amenities at the property. Therefore, you could book a 5 star hotel that may disappoint on every level, but has an elevator, on-site restaurant and fruit and slippers in your room. You could also book a 4 star hotel with lovely rooms that is well maintained with updated facilities, friendly staff, and a great breakfast, but no restaurant on site. Alternatively, you could luck into a fantastic property that does not participate in the star system because it is in a landmarked structure that is designated as a historic residence. Or you could book yourself into a frighteningly shabby accommodation that is also designated as a historic residence. The web sites all look the same – how do you choose?

That’s where we come in. We devote time to visiting hotels and will be straightforward with you about what is worth a splurge, and what is to be avoided. Of course everyone is different, and you have to let us know what is important to you so that we can guide you to the right choice. In 2011 our travelers stayed in over 75 different properties throughout Italy. We are committed to finding the right accommodation for your needs, not ours.

The hotels were excellent and located in the heart of the areas we wanted to be. . . . . Occasionally we would catch a glimpse of other rooms in our hotels as they were being cleaned. It appeared that we had the superior choice of rooms. Either we had a balcony, view, or a room larger than the others we saw.
CIU Travelers | Richard and Jane Sungaila

VILLAS AND APARTMENTS - Living like a local

Villas are typically self-contained private residences that are available for rental on a weekly basis. If you have ever researched villa rentals on your own, you know that the quality and cost of these private houses can vary greatly. They come in all shapes, sizes, and locations, with varying degrees of creature comforts. Apartments can sometimes be rented for shorter stays, it depends upon the owner.

As a general rule, villa and apartment rentals are for those more interested in an independent stay, with fewer staff and services at your disposal. They can also be the most economical way for groups of friends or family to stay in one place for a week - just remember that unless you go for a fully serviced option, somebody has to cook and do the dishes! The rental period is typically from Saturday to Saturday with a minimum one week rental.

We work closely with property owners as well as prominent villa rental agencies based in the U.S. and Italy to create a shortlist of premier accommodations for our clients.

All the hotels fit perfectly and were a nice mixture of luxury and reasonableness. Locations were singularly perfect and you always picked beautiful rooms, thank you.
CIU Travelers | GB & KE, New York


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