Italian Dressing

Italy from Head to Toe

You may think you know all of the Bel Paese's prestigious “Made in Italy” products. You have felt the cashmere and silks, ordered the fine linen, admired the ceramics, worn the leather, sipped the wine, and sampled all of Italy's best fare from prosciutto to pasticcera. But there is one product, humble yet unsurpassable, that only true insiders know to stock up on when visiting: socks.

Non-Euclidean(Photo by David Goehring via Flickr)

Italy's focus on fashion and design doesn't stop at the ankles. Under those fabulous Prada heels or Tod's loafers, Italians don soft, fine weave cotton or wool socks in eye-popping colors and designs. The quality and creativity of their socks (and, for women, tights) isn't so surprising if you think about it...Italy also produces impeccable lingerie for men and women (think La Perla), so their attention to style begins at the skin and travels from head to toe.

Italian Tailoring: A Custom Experience

Italy is known for its sense of style, and while it is the contemporary fashion and design that grabs headlines, even the most cutting-edge runway styles are firmly rooted in this country’s decidedly less flashy but equally revered tradition of quality tailoring.

(Photo by Concierge in Umbria via Flickr)

Though there are certain cities especially known for their bespoke clothing (Naples, for example) and shoes (Florence, for example), almost all major Italian towns have at least one historic workshop (sartoria for tailors and calzolaio for shoemakers) where exacting skill and precision combined with an unerring eye are passed down through the generations of a single family.

The Bella Figura: What to Wear in Italy this Fall

Though events like last week’s freak storm in Florence remind us how hard it has become to predict (and pack for) the weather, there are still a few guidelines that remain to help travelers visiting Italy in the fall months of September, October, and November choose the right items to tuck into their suitcase.

via-tornabuoni-florence-italy-cr-brian-dore(Photo by Concierge in Umbria via Flickr)

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Much of the US is still under a disheartening blanket of snow, but that just gives the home-bound more time to prepare for spring travel. If you are surviving these last days of winter by dusting off your suitcases in anticipation of an upcoming visit to Italy, here are a few suggestions of what you should consider packing when it comes time to hop that overseas flight at the first sign of crocuses.

umbrellas at yellow house

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