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Puglia for Kids: Family-Friendly Tips for Italy's Heel

Puglia—or, more specifically, the Salento Peninsula that forms the heel of Italy’s “boot”—is a fantastic destination for families both for the wide range of things to do and see in this relatively compact area and for the laid-back, kid-friendly pace that characterizes much of southern Italy. Though the region of Puglia itself is surpisingly long (a fact that becomes stark when traveling through by car, by far the best way to visit), the Salento peninsula covers only the bottom third of the region, bordered to the east by the Adriatic Sea and to the west by the Ionian.

puglia-cr-brian-dore(Photo by Concierge in Umbria via Flickr)

Here a few family favorites in Puglia to fill up those hours between eating and napping:

Florence with Kids: A Family Friendly Tour

Florence is Italy's most family-friendly major city. The historic center is very compact, and virtually all of the city's major squares, museums, and sights are within walking distance from each other and from the main train station. You can spend days exploring and never have to use public transportation or taxis - something that is not really possible in Rome or Milan. In addition, the large areas of downtown closed to cars and mopeds give kids a longer tether to run around in the piazzas and main streets without parents worrying about them running into traffic or taking an accidental dip, which is a nagging worry when visiting Venice.

Kids enjoying art(Photo by Michael via Flickr)

The vast artistic treasures of this Renaissance capital can be a bit over the top for younger kids, however. As in Rome, many of the most iconic museums and monuments in Florence are best appreciated with a guide who knows how to cherry-pick the works so visits are engaging rather than discouraging. Other sights in the city are fun to explore independently and can be enjoyed by travelers of all ages.