This page contains general information about arriving in Italy and moving about the country.


We do not book international flights, but will be happy to refer you to a colleague who does. We recommend The Cranky Concierge for booking flight arrangements.

Even if you've booked your flights elsewhere, we include Cranky's Flight Monitoring coverage during your travels so that you can call a dedicated flight concierge to assist you should you miss a connection or encounter last minute schedule changes or flight cancellations.

Italy has two major airports for international flights from the USA -- Rome's Fiumicino Airport and Milan's Malpensa Airport. Both are around an 8 hour flight from New York and both offer connecting service to all of Italy's major destinations. There is also connecting service from the USA to Milano and Roma, plus the airports of Firenze, Pisa, Venezia, Napoli, Palermo, and Catania through Paris, Frankfurt, Munich, London, and Amsterdam.


Italy's train network is not one of Europe's finest. If you are used to the comfort and efficiency of the Swiss or German rail networks, you may be disappointed when you ride the rails in Italy. That said, train travel has improved over the last couple of years, and there are many new express trains on the major routes. There are still strikes, delays, and problems with air conditioning, and most stations are dingy and depressing, but there really is light at the end of the tunnel! We can reserve and purchase tickets for you in advance, and we always recommend 1st Class seats to help mitigate some of the problems with overcrowding and comfort.


Having a private driver enhances your experience immeasurably. You will be able to see and do much more than you can on your own simply because you are with someone who knows the ropes. You will have increased flexibility to include off the beaten path stops between your primary destinations, without worrying about where to leave your luggage, or adhering to a train schedule.

Our drivers were always on time if not 15 minutes early, and each went out of their way to make sure we saw what we wanted to see, and took care of us as if we were family.
CIU Travelers | Rick and Jane Corradi

Many of Italy’s lesser-known gems are not accessible via train service anyway, and unless you are adventurous enough to drive yourself (more on that under Car Rental), you can miss quite a lot. Our drivers are licensed and insured professionals, and they are native to the area where they drive, so they really know their territories. Plus, you have a new local friend as your traveling companion.

Francesco was the epitome of a professional driver, the best we have ever had.
CIU Travelers | Steve and Mary True


Driving yourself in Italy is an adventure that calls for courage, good reflexes, and patience. If your ideal trip calls for driving yourself, you should be prepared to circle roundabouts more than once before making a decision as to where you are going, drive on streets and through archways that are only marginally wider than your car, and park in impossibly tight spaces. You will also most certainly receive a ticket for some infraction you didn’t even know you committed, and it could take up to a year for the ticket to reach you in the States. Most rental cars in Italy have standard transmissions -- you will have to pay a premium for an automatic car.

For driving times and point-to-point directions, we provide all of our self-drive clients with a complimentary GPS device to use during their trip.

We recommend AutoEurope for car rentals in Italy.

Having professional drivers took the stress out of traveling in an unfamiliar country where we did not know the language and the driving protocols. The drivers were courteous and punctual. They occasionally pointed out points of interest and added commentary along the way, which added to the enjoyment of the scenery in the countryside.
CIU Traveler | Richard Sungaila


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